After so many years I finally complete Super Toad Bros. X. I created his episode in 2/19/2019, so reaction this episode was being made for a LLLLLOOOOONNNGGG time. So many redos happened in this episode. This episode includes graphics you've might seen and also this episode include youtude video of playthroughs! I might be thinking I made this this year but I didn't I made this Augest 15 I think 2019. This episode also have a little bit of design from NSMB2 and SMB3 combined. Not like this episode is about or like that. I thought of this episode and Posted 2 project about this.

Story: An toad was roaming around minding his own busisness and then a dark toad came out of nowhere and started destroying the land and toads houses. He came up to the Blue Toad and said that hes the only one who could save the day and stop him. He flew away to bowser castle and wrecked the whole castle. He then said THIS CASTLE BELONGS TO ME NOW! You know mario and luigi would save the day but Dark Toad trapped them in a cell. This then went all over the news and everyone was talking about it. Blue Toad remebered what Dark Toad said eariler and is going to save Mario and Luigi. Dark Toad made a new Bowser castle and builded one in the sky

The Versions I would uses is the version I set up for you! moving the episode somewhere else would cause problems, graphics your not supoosed to see and Sound and Music your not supoosed to hear. so I would use the smbx I set up for you. If you download the game you noticed that the game updates. So be aware of updates nether on YouTude or on the Protect Forums called "I'm working on super toad bros. x again." Just keep track so you don't miss any worlds or levels in the star palace or Redesigns or so.

Here are the worlds

W1: Toad Town

W2: Desert

W3: Yoshi's island

W4: Snowyland

W5: Big island

W6: Rocky land

W7: Mucher zone

W8: Bowser Valley

W9: Skyzone

W10: Wart's Valley

W11: Underground System

W12: Dark Toad's Kingdom

Here are videos, trailers and screenshots for you to see

I woudn't recommand this to players who have been playing smbx for soo long because this episode is not that hard. BUT... it's fine for everybody to play New Players and Old Players that played for soo long like me. People who are like "MARIO IS BETTER THAN BETTER!" Then don't play this game cuz he's at the end. Same goes for luigi if your like "LUIGI IS BETTER THAN BETTER!" Then don't play this game. I also woudn't recommand 2 players being played. So be aware. This is a long episode. It's not short like World 1 to 4 it's long Worlds 1 to 9 and in updates more levels. Yes there are unused levels you might not wanna play.

Level Palace: Please just PM me your levels and i'll playthorugh the level and check If I'll allow it. I really hate meanful post for some reason.

Just one more thing and you can start playing. I would not use this episode as any other 2.0 betas. I may have changed somethings in the launcher. Anyways here's why I wouldn't use any other betas. Not beta 4 because you can just skip right to world 8. Not beta 3 and 2 because you can change your character out of toad. I hoping -NO- body copyrights this game.

Heres the links to the download. Hope you enjoy.

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